London Rally Remembers Victims of Enforced Disappearance on August 30, 2022

Location: London, UK

Date: August 30, 2022


On the occasion of the United Nations’ International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance, a rally was held in front of the British Parliament, organized by 17 UK-based human rights organizations. The speakers emphasized that enforced disappearance constitutes a crime against humanity.

Under the rallying cry: “Hear the call of the childless mother: let fascism perish”, the speakers insisted on the necessity to triumph over fascism, in order to bring those complicit in such crimes against humanity to justice. They noted that fascism aims to suppress dissent through enforced disappearances and murders. They stressed that a united front is required to defeat fascism and that those implicated in these crimes against humanity must be held accountable.

The meeting was presided over by Aliullah Noman, Executive Secretary of Amar Desh UK, and Shamsul Alam Liton, Editor of Weekly Surma, with missing businessman Moshiur Rahman Mamun, Captain Wahid Un Nabi, and Major AKM Zakir Hossain as speakers. Their testimonials illuminated the manner in which the Bangladeshi state forces abducted dissidents and subjected the victims of disappearances to brutal torture. In addition, attendees included members from the families of the disappeared victims, such as Mamun Al Azmi, the elder brother of Brigadier Abdullah Aman Azmi, Brigadier Azmi’s personal officer Chowdhury Amin, and Tariqul Islam, a member of a victim’s family.

Other distinguished attendees who spoke included Professor Dr. Sheikh Ramji, President of Justice for Rohingya Organization and President of Oxford University Islamic Center; Professor Abdul Qadir Saleh, President of Solidarity for Human Rights UK; MA Malik, Convener of Citizen Movement UK; Mahidur Rahman, International Affairs Secretary of BNP; Mufti Shah Sadar Uddin; Barrister MA Salam; Barrister Iqbal Hossain, President of Society for Democratic Rights; former Jubo Dal leader Ashiqur Rahman Ashiq; Muslim Khanam, President of Nirapad Bangladesh Chai (We Want Safe Bangladesh); Raihan Uddin, President of Fight for Right; Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan; former Chattra Shibir leader Abdullah Al Mumin; Dollar Biswas, Chairman of Peace for Bangladesh and Secretary Md Mahin Khan; journalist Aminul Islam Mukul; human rights activists Asadul Haque and Morshed Ahmad Khan; Ali Hossain; Advocate Amir Hossain Sarkar; Arif Ahmad; Mirza Enamul Haque; Borhan Uddin Chowdhury; Md Aminul Islam Safar; and Manzoor Ahsan Paltu, and others.

Professor Dr. Sheikh Ramji observed that fascist governments across the globe are instilling fear in ordinary citizens by employing state forces to conduct enforced disappearances. Citing instances of persecution and disappearance among the Rohingyas, he highlighted the widespread nature of these human rights violations. He asserted that a united struggle is essential to combat fascism.

Professor Abdul Qadir Saleh noted the frequent occurrence of human rights violations in Bangladesh, including grave crimes against humanity such as enforced disappearances. He remarked that governments often infringe upon human rights by stifling dissent to maintain their hold on power. Emphasizing the need for a united struggle against fascism, he asserted that human rights must be upheld by overcoming such oppressive regimes.

Barrister Iqbal Hossain shared that enforced disappearances, crimes against humanity, aren’t exclusive to Bangladesh but are also rampant in other countries governed by fascist regimes. On this international day, he said, a strong message is being sent to fascist governments that such inhumane activities will not escape justice. He strongly affirmed that those complicit in these crimes will eventually face the legal consequences of their actions.

Mahidur Rahman emphasized the need to battle for those who have gone missing in Bangladesh. He stressed the importance of defeating a fascist regime like that of Sheikh Hasina. Rahman added that these government entities should be held accountable for their crimes against humanity through the International Court of Justice.

MA Malik advocated for the establishment of human rights through the opposition of fascism. He insisted that the missing individuals must be recovered, a feat achievable only by vanquishing fascist forces.

The seventeen human rights organizations that participated include Citizen Movement UK, Society for Democratic Rights, Solidarity for Human Rights UK, Peace for Bangladesh, Nirapad Bangladesh Chai (Desire for a Safe Bangladesh), Fight for Rights International, Humanity Club Euro BD, Justice for Bangladesh, Online Activist Forum UK, Rights Concern, Rights Movement UK, Stand for Bangladesh, Support Rights UK, Universal Voice for Justice, Voice for Justice, and White Pigeon International.

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