Dr Mahmudur Rahman


Dr Mahmudur Rahman is a Bangladeshi persecuted Editor, Author and Scholar in South Asian Affairs and geopolitics.At seventy, he is one of the most active dissident voices against the despotic

Shibly Sohail

Executive Director

Shibly Sohail is an experienced academic, author, and human rights activist based in Australia with over two decades of leadership and management background in academia.

Dr Faroque Amin


Dr Faroque Amin is a researcher and writer in the field of politics, human rights and social welfare. He earned his PhD from the School of Social Science at Western Sydney University, Australia. He has studied

Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman


Mohammad Ashrafuzzaman is Human Rights Defender hailed from Bangladesh living in exile in Hong Kong. He has been pursuing the promotion and protection of human rights with human dignity

Julfikar Hyder


Julfikar Hyder is Involved in various social activities since his student life. Actively participated in the movement against the military dictatorship of Bangladesh to restore democracy

Minar Rashid


Minar Rashid is a Marine Engineer by profession, but his tireless efforts towards restoring democracy and upholding human rights in the country have gained him widespread recognition. Through his

Shamsul Alam Liton


Shamsul Alam Liton is a British Bangladeshi journalist, broadcaster, entrepreneur, and peace activist. He has been living in London since 2005, and has been working as the editor

Oliullah Noman


Oliullah Noman is a prominent journalist who has been a vocal critic of the authoritarian government in Bangladesh. He has fearlessly reported on issues related to human rights

Barrister Afzal Zami Syed-Ali


Afzal Zami Syed-Ali is a practicing barrister in England who specializes in complex fraud and serious and organized crime. He is also a registered advocate in Bangladesh. Zami

Mohammad Imran Hossain (Ansary)


Mohammad Imran Hossain (Ansary) is an educator, journalist, and International Security Analyst. He completed his Master’s in National Security from New Jersey City University,

Mahtabuddin Ahmed


Mahtabuddin Ahmed serves as the United States Country Representative for the South Asian Policy Initiative (SAPI). Born in Bangladesh, 


Dr Abdullah al-Ahsan

Dr Abdullah al-Ahsan, an US citizen, is a former professor of Comparative Civilization in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Istanbul Sehir

Professor Abid Bahar

Professor Abid Bahar, PhD, is a distinguished feature columnist, playwright, accomplished public speaker, and researcher with a specialization in Myanmar and Bangladesh.

Dr Hasmat Ali Sikder

Dr. Hashmat Sikder has been a biomedical researcher and teaching faculty in several US academic institutes like Johns Hopkins University and Loyola University Maryland. Dr. Sikder

Dr Taimur Sharif

Dr. Taimur Sharif is a Professor of Finance and Economics with a long track record of teaching, research and leadership in the higher education sector. Currently the Head of


Dr. Imtiaz Khan

Dr. Imtiaz Khan, an Associate Professor specializing in Data Science, is on a mission to enhance the accuracy and significance of big data.

Dr Fazlul Hoque Tuhin

Dr Fazlul Haque Tuhin is a well acclaimed writer, researcher, and editor in Bangladesh. Two of his research volumes widely recognized and referenced in public universities.

Dr Farjana Mahbuba

Dr Farjana Mahbuba is a researcher, teacher, writer, and women’s rights activist. Specializing on Islam and South Asian Muslim women, Farjana is passionate about investigating the

Mohammad Hossain

Mohammad Hossain is a PhD candidate in History at Ibn Haldun University, Istanbul, Turkey. He is also an avid follower of current geopolitical developments in South Asia and the

Sumaiya Rabeya

Sumaiya Rabeya is a researcher and content writer. She co-founded a Malaysia based media-production company. She is also a community volunteer, actively working on various


General Members Australia:

General Member UK:

1. Md Abdullah Yousuf, Editor in Chief, Suprovat Sydney
2. Md. Mosleh Uddin Arif, Community Leader and Human Rights Activist
3. Sohel Mahmud Iqbal, Telecom Engineer, Community Leader and Social and Human Rights Activist
4. Habib Rahman, ITS Project Manager at Downer Group, Chairman at International Rapid Intervention Gear for Humiliated & Tormented – Iright
5. Rahat Shantonu, Singer, Poet & Human Rights Activist
6. Rashed Al Hossain Khan, Entrepreneur, Community Leader and Human Rights Activist
7. A N M Masum, Entrepreneur, Community Leader and Human Rights Activist
8. Faruk Hossain, Community Leader and Human Rights Activist
9. Rashedul Islam, Community Leader and Human Rights Activist

1. Barrister Md Iqbal Hossain, Chairperson, Society for Democratic Rights (SDR)
2. Barrister M Alimul Haque Liton, Secretary, Society for Democratic Rights (SDR)
3. Md Rayhan Uddin, President Executive Board, Fight for right international
4. Muslim khan, President, Nirapod Bangladesh Chaai UK
5. Md Dolar Biswas, Cheairman: peace for Bangladesh

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