Black Americans still are victims of hate crimes more than any other group

SOUTH ASIAN POLICY INITIATIVE INC (SAPI) is a transnational research-oriented initiative that assesses, discusses, and evaluates policies aimed at promoting human rights and democracy in the Southeast Asian region. SAPI envisions countries in Southeast to uphold and promote human rights and democracy where democratic and civil society institutions are strengthened and protected. SAPI’s primary focus is to undertake policy-relevant research and analysis that informs and influences decision-making processes in the region supported by credible, transparent and collaborative research.
To further this goal, SAPI has established Global Voice for Humanity (GVH) to operate as a platform for regional human rights activists. GVH engages with civil society groups, policymakers, academics, and other stakeholders to raise the voice for the dissidents and victims of persecution by authoritarian regimes. Through advocacy, education, and awareness-raising initiatives, GVH works towards creating a more inclusive, just, and democratic society in Southeast Asia. By combining research and advocacy, SAPI and GVH aim to contribute to positive change in the region and beyond.

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