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International Human Rights Day Rally at Parliament Square, London

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The event was held in London, UK on December 10, 2022


Mahmudur Rahman, Editor of Amar Desh, emphasized that the ongoing movement against the incumbent despotic government must be sustained. He underscored that the egregious human rights violations perpetrated by Sheikh Hasina’s administration, evidenced by the continued disappearances and killings, should be subjected to international court proceedings.

In observance of International Human Rights Day, a demonstration was coordinated by the South Asian Policy Initiative and Global Voice for Humanity, involving 14 active human rights organizations in the UK. This procession commenced at Parliament Square in Westminster and concluded at 10 Downing Street. Rahman articulated these sentiments during his virtual address. 

Activists from various human rights organizations assembled at Altab Ali Park in East London, initiating a rally from Parliament Square in Westminster on Deceomber 10, 2022. Despite the freezing two-degree-below-zero temperature in London, individuals from diverse backgrounds participated in the rally marking Human Rights Day. The attendees, advocating for justice, democracy, and human rights in Bangladesh, carried placards bearing various demands such as ‘Fascism Never Again,’ ‘Restore Democracy in Bangladesh,’ and ‘Sanction Hasina and Her Death Squad,’ while chanting relevant slogans.

In his concluding speech, Mahmudur Rahman stated that the oppressive government is resorting to lethal measures to maintain its power. He urged the continuation of the fight against fascism and called on the international community to exert pressure on the government for its human rights violations. He advocated for persisting with the movement, with the ultimate goal being to bring the government, which violates human rights, before the international court.

Before the rally at Parliament Square commenced, several individuals delivered speeches to the assembled human rights activists and people from various professions. These speakers included Hasnat M Hussain MBE, BNP International Secretary Barrister MA Salam, UK BNP President M Malik, Tehreek-e-Kashmir Secretary Raihana Yasmin Ali, and Councilor Oheed Ahmed.

The rally started at Parliament Square and culminated outside the office of the British Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street.

Among the 14 human rights organizations that participated in the rally were Citizen Movement UK, Society for Democratic Rights, Nirapod Bangladesh Chai, Fight for Right International, Equal Rights International, Peace for Bangladesh, Solidarity for Human Rights UK, and Voice for Justice.


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