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Bangladesh Awami League: A Study of its Politics and Crimes Against Humanity

Reserch Question

What is the extent and nature of the involvement of the Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) in crimes against humanity, and how does its politics contribute to this phenomenon?


This research report investigates the history of violent crimes against humanity committed by the Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) and its allied parties, including murder, torture, vandalism, looting, robbery, abduction, gang rape, and attacks on minorities. It suggests that the BAL functions as a political party in Bangladesh but operates as a terrorist organisation, instilling a state of terror within the country’s populace. The report notes the involvement of BAL leaders and members in crimes, including attacks on minority communities, and emphasises the culture of impunity for crimes committed by the party and its affiliates. It also acknowledges that the absence of press freedom in Bangladesh may mean that many incidents have gone unreported.

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