The Thieves of Dhaka : A Tale of Grand Corruption in Bangladesh

On the morning of 5th January 2017, a series of strange but significant events started to unfold in Bangladesh. High-ranking officers of the military intelligence, known as DGFI, called up the Chairman, Vice-chairman and Managing Director of Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, the country’s largest private bank. Soon, all three of them were picked up from their houses by the armed DGFI convoy and brought to Dhaka Cantonment…

Enforced Disappearances in Bangladesh: A Shame for Humanity Everywhere

A dark era of recent abductions and enforced disappearances in Bangladesh started in 2009.

Since then-

Children are in tears for their fathers.

Wives have been crying for years for their husbands.

Parents’ eyes are still longing to see their sons once more.

Bangladesh’s law enforcers took these people away. Nobody knows where they are. Some secret investigation reports from international media, such as Deutsche Welle, suggest that the abducted individuals are being held in a secret detention centre known as ‘Aynaghar’, House of Horror, operated by the Bangladesh Defense Forces Intelligence. International calls for investigations by the United Nations have been repeatedly denied. The current unelected dictator of Bangladesh has ignored numerous requests from United Nations and international human rights organisations.

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